GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. This is one of the most trusted and preferred entrance tests that are organized by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). The GMAT is a computer adaptive test that is taken by the aspirants to get admission in the foreign topmost business universities and institutions. It is a worldwide entrance exam that is conducted in approx. 112 countries around the world.

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The scores obtained in the GMAT exam are accepted by more than 2100 universities and institutions. The students take this exam to get admitted into many graduate management programs such as MBA and Masters in Finance etc. related courses. More than 600 courses are offered by these GMAC associated institutes.

In this article, we will provide you the complete details on the GMAT Entrance Examination 2018.

GMAT 2018 Exam Details

The GMAT Exam is a computer-adaptive test not a computer based test. This means that the applicant will get one question at a time and on the basis of the accuracy of the previous answer, the difficulty level of the next question is set. The average scores required for the Universities in abroad varies. Like for an example the top tier universities require at least 710, whereas the middle tier universities require 600 score.

Latest Update:

For Executive MBA, the GMAC has introduced a new mini GMAT called Executive Assessment Exam. This exam is specially designed for the EMBA Candidates. The duration of the exam is quite shorter. In short, the exam covers only the analytical test and logical thinking of the applicant, which is more suited for Executive Course.

GMAT Exam Pattern

The total duration of the GMAT Entrance Examination is 3 Hours 30 Minutes. The exam consists of four sections that test the applicant’s abilities on various parameters. The sections include – Writing, Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative Skills. The GMAT Scores are given with an increment of 10 points for example 550, 560, 570 etc. approximately. Let’s have a look about the GMAT Exam Pattern in details.

SectionNo. of QuestionsQuestion TypeDuration
Analytical Writing Assessment1 Topic 

Analysis of an argument

30 Minutes
Integrated Reasoning12 QuestionsMulti Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two Part Analysis, Table Analysis30 Minutes
Quantitative37 Questions75 Minutes
Verbal41 QuestionsReading Comprehension, critical reasoning, sentence correction.75 Minutes
Total Duration of the Exam3 Hours and 30 Minutes

GMAT 2018 Application Fees

The application fee for GMAT Exam is $250 which is approx. Rs 15, 000 –Rs 16, 000 in Indian Currency.

GMAT 2018 Eligibility

There are no specific GMAT Eligibility criteria for attending a GMAT Exam. The applicants must have attained the age of 18 years. The respective institutions may have specific criteria but the GMAC has no specific selection criterion.

GMAT 2018 Registration

The candidates have a liberty to give the exam anytime in the year as per their convenience. One important thing to note and take care is that, the candidate can even reschedule their next attempt only after 16 days of taking the first attempt. Overall in a year, the candidate is allowed to take only five attempts.

How to register for GMAT 2018 Online?

The registration of the GMAT is done completely online. The step by step procedure to register GMAT 2018 online is mentioned below:

  1. Visit the authorized official page or website of GMAT. Registration Link – Click Here
  2. Once you have logged on to the GMAT Official website, he/she has to fill in the basic required information/details such as name, address etc.
  3. After that, create an ID and Password.
  4. After creating an ID and Password, you need to now make the online payment. The application fee for the online payment is $250 which is approx. Rs 15, 000 to Rs 16, 000. You can make the online payment through the credit card or debit card or net banking as per your convenience.
  5. After the completion of the above steps and payment procedure, you can now login and select the date and place to take the exam.

Scoring and Results in GMAT 2018

Below mentioned are the maximum and minimum score range of each section, along with the mean average.

Section Score RangeMean Scores
Analytical Writing Assessment0-64.5
Integrated Reasoning1-84

GMAT Score Validity

The GMAT Scores are valid for 5 years and are available for reporting for up to 10 years. Scores after 10 years will not applicable.

GMAT Exam Dates

There is no fixed official GMAT Dates. You can choose your exam dates according to your convenience and availability. In case you want to retake the GMAT Exam, you can do it after a span of 16 days. You can appear this exam for only five times in a year. But for that, you are recommended to register yourself two to three months before the exam date. If you are registering through online then you can register within 24 hours of the exam date. But, it is recommended to register as early as possible so to set a preparing schedule for the exam.

GMAT 2018 Syllabus

The GMAT exam is categorized into four sections with a maximum score of 800 points. The sections include – Writing, Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative Skills. The syllabus for these sections is as follows:

Analytical Writing Section

This section includes the topics where the candidates have to write, or a passage will be given along with questions which you have to answer. This will measure your ability to think critically and to communicate with your ideas. You will be asked to analyze the reasoning behind the given argument and write a critique of that argument.

Integrated Reasoning Section

The Integrated Reasoning Section measures your ability to evaluate the information presented in multiple formats from multiple resources- skills you need to succeed in this technologically advanced, data-driven world. This section consists of 12 questions of table analysis, graphic interpretation, multi-source reasoning, and two part analysis.

Quantitative Section

The quantitative section measures your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using the reasoning skills. The section comprises of two sections namely: Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. In Data Sufficiency section there are 15 questions and in Problem solving there are 22 questions. The expected following math syllabus include: geometry, elementary algebra, arithmetic, ratio and proportion, properties of integers, permutations and combinations, exponents and roots, linear equations etc.

Verbal Section

The verbal section measures your ability to read and understand the written material, to evaluate the arguments and to correct the written material to conform to standard written English. This section consists of 41 multiple choice questions.

This section is divided into following: Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Sentence Correction. The areas covered in this section will be:

Critical reasoning, rhetorical construction, of the sentences, sentence correction related to finding the errors or omission, reading unseen passages, subject verb agreement, misplace modifiers, countable vs Uncountable, parallelism.

Best Books Recommended for GMAT 2018

Here are the lists of books that can guide you well in your GMAT Preparation. The recommended books for GMAT 2018 Preparation are:

  1. The Official Guide for the GMAT Review 2018: This book is one of the most comprehensive study guide for GMAT preparation. The book comes in a bundle of three books. This book includes previous year’s questions along with expected answers, expected questions for the upcoming exams, online practice sets. This book also comprises of the diagnostic tests, sturdy tips and test taking strategies.
  2. Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guide (8 Books): If you are attempting the GMAT Exam for the first time and if you have the patience and capacity to prepare more, then this book is highly recommended. The book comes in eight separate prep books. This will help you to build a good foundation and will clear the concepts in each section of the GMAT Syllabus. Individual guides are also available separately if you need help in specific areas of subjects.
  3. Kaplan GMAT 800: Advanced Prep for Students: This book provides focused and comprehensive practice tests that will help you to score well. It comprises of interactive questions and practice tests that will test the student’s ability to analyze and interpret charts, spreadsheets, graphs and data. This also includes mini video lessons as well for more detailed understanding.

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